PFFM Official Sellection awards B 2018 300





Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne has received large number of movies from over 120 countries around the world.

Now we are going to choose winner of each categories, Check your account with filmfreeway as we are going to choose the best movie from each categories.
Please check the list below for Movies selected as "official selection" for Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2018.
You can download your laurels from link below.
Project Title Duration Country of Origin Language Genres Directors Writers Producers
THE END OF THE GOOD OLD DAYS  00:20:00 Turkey Turkish drama, familiy, human rights, relationship, adolescence, religion, politics, woman, social issue, children, spiritual Mehmet Basak Mehmet Basak Mehmet Basak
Genius Loci 01:23:00 Switzerland German, Swiss German Supernatural, Scary, Arthouse Pascal  Griesshammer Michael Voegtlin Pascal Griesshammer, Robin Wenger
VAJYIAN 00:03:45 Spain   horror Pablo More Pablo More More Films
The Widow 00:08:33 Austria   Thriller, Horror Max Stevanovic Max Stevanovic Rafael Bettschart
word 00:50:00 Spain Spanish   Jon Escuder Jon Escuder Jon Escuder, Cosme Duñabeitia, Jacinto Bátiz
The Tobelhocker 00:18:43 Not Specified          
MAYUR 00:07:41 Singapore   abstract, experimental, visual-music Vibeke Sorensen    
They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music 00:39:00 Estonia Estonian Drama, Comedy Janno Jürgens Janno Jürgens, Anti Naulainen Kristjan Pütsep
Happy Birthday Ronnie 00:10:00 New Zealand Hindi Intense Gagan Sandhu Rohit Sood Amit Sood
A Promise of Time Travel 01:28:00 United States English Sci Fi, Mystery, Drama, LGBTQ Craig Jessen Craig Jessen April Grace Lowe, Craig Jessen
RHINOCEROS 00:24:00 Czech Republic Czech drama, family, divorce, teenager Amálie Kovářová Amálie Kovářová, Alice Krajčírová Jan Řehořka
Arc Raider 00:16:25 Australia English Sci-Fi, Action Rowan Pullen Rowan Pullen Rowan Pullen, Shane Kirk
Boring I Love You 00:03:20 India English Romance, Social, Experimental Nikhil Malik Nikhil Malik Nikhil Malik, Utkarsh Thukral
The last dream about green road 00:24:57 Viet Nam English, Vietnamese   Thao Luong Thao Luong Bai Bui
Vizor 00:01:40 Iran, Islamic Republic of     Ali Azizollahi Ali Azizollahi Mohammad Ghane Fard
Stop the boats - the lie of saving lives at sea 00:53:00 Germany English   Nicolai Jung   Nicolai Jung, Phil Miller
Young Again 00:04:48 Australia English music video Jason Fados    
Undercurrents of a Changing Climate - the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, Guam 00:35:19 Germany English   Dennis Dellschow, Eric Petzoldt    
PANJ (5) 01:15:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of Persian   S. M. HOSSEINI S. M. HOSSEINI S. M. HOSSEINI  (SEYED MOJTABA HOSSEINI)
Alatriste 00:29:11 Mexico Spanish Mystery, Fantasy, Horror Ruben Colin Gama Ruben Colin Gama Ruben Colin Gama
As Human As I Am 00:30:00 Ireland English Human Rights, LGBT, gender Alice McDowell   Alice McDowell
ROOM TO THE STARS 00:16:00 Spain Spanish Drama, Social, Alzheimer Ilune Diaz Ilune Diaz, Javier Guerra Silvia García Palacios
CausaliDox - A Life Less Lived 00:06:34 Hong Kong English   Arne Venema, Marcus Moonen Arne Venema Arne Venema
Waking a Monster 00:20:00 United States English documentary, metafilm portrayal, narrative film Mirjam Clement Mirjam Clement Howard Berger, Mirjam Clement
The Silence 01:36:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of French   Chapour HAGHIGHAT Chapour HAGHIGHAT Haghighat production- perspectives nomades
One Mother's Fire: The Gail Minger Story 00:25:45 United States English   Diana Nicolae    
The earth still moves 01:11:01 Mexico Spanish   Pablo Chavarría Gutiérrez   Eli Zavala
Maram 00:06:16 Lebanon Arabic        
Cracked 00:06:03 Australia English   Claudia Holmes Claudia Holmes  
Flesh And Blood 00:23:00 Israel Hebrew Sci-Fi, Horror Tamar Ben Chaim Tamar Ben Chaim Arianne Sokal, Yochi Solomon
The End of Wind 01:08:37 China Chinese Art, Social Reality  Romance, independent film Fog Forest Fog Forest Huangfu Shaohui
Sametime "Where the Wind Blows" - Music Video 00:03:53 Australia English Music Video, Family, Drama, Performance Luke & Brando Branden Wittchen Emma Giddins
Mahtab 01:25:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of Persian   Vahid Pakzad   Vahid Pakzad
Carry My Voice  00:19:00 United States Kurdish   Hasan Demirtaş NU Hasan Demirtas
the Dreamseller 01:30:00 Brazil Portuguese    Jayme Monjardim  L.G. Bayão  LG Tubaldini Jr, André Skaf
Divisional Articulations 00:04:33 Hong Kong     Max Hattler    
Panic Love 00:23:00 Italy Italian   Cristian Patanè Cristian Patanè, Nicola Ingenito Cristian Patanè, Luca Tesauro
SADIE 00:05:46 United States     Sabrina Marki Sabrina Marki, Tiger Hill Sabrina Marki
Birds in the Mist 00:19:59 Brazil English, French, Portuguese, Spanish   Thiago Beckenkamp Thiago Beckenkamp Thiago Beckenkamp, Marcelo Bolsi Junior, Eduarda Silva Rodrigues
Nimble fingers 00:51:31 Italy Vietnamese Feature Documentary Parsifal Reparato   Federico Schiavi
The Goldfish 00:06:42 Iraq English, Kurdish   Sawat Ghaleb Sawat Ghaleb Sawat Ghalab, Adam Hedelin
Newton's Fourth Law 00:18:48 Iran, Islamic Republic of Persian   Mehrshad Kheradmandi Mehrshad Kheradmandi Mehrshad Kheradmandi
TIGERNUT  (Homeland of the Wholehearted Women) 00:50:52 Spain Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, English, French, Other, Spanish   Andoni Monforte , Bouba Kambou Andoni Monforte Andoni Monforte
Faded Away / Nite Bites 00:04:00 France     Clément Oberto Clément Oberto Nic Nicola, Clément Oberto
My Short Words 01:10:01 Turkey Turkish   Bekir Bulbul Bekir Bulbul Busra Bulbul
The Chapter Of Ionela 00:09:58 Germany German Drama, Thriller, Human Rights Christoph Lacmanski Christoph Lacmanski, Saskia Hahn Saskia Hahn
Dishonour 00:38:46 Canada English   Terrence Turner Terrence Turner Timothy Turner
EMILY 00:19:30 France English   DEMMER Jean-Marc jean-marc Demmer BUCHWALDER Thomas
Yushka 00:18:54 Russian Federation Russian   Lolita Naranovich Lolita Naranovich Galina Fesenko 
Jimmy 01:17:17 United States English   Jason Balas Jason Balas Daniel Villanueva , Joe Brown, Ryan Forester
Ballad (country) 00:45:00 Russian Federation Arabic, English, Italian, Russian Draja, Warfilm, Womenrights, Humainrights, Femalefilmdirector Evdokia Moskvina Evdokia Moskvina Igor Prokopenko
Abram returned alone (45) 00:45:00 Poland Polish        
Jaion and Jamal 28 Pages United States       Bettina Horton, Jacasta Powell, Jeremiah Cooper, Allen Powell  
Isolated Crows of Solitude 00:19:09 Iran, Islamic Republic of Persian   Sahar Soleimani Sahar Soleimani Jamshid Soleimani
Foreign Stranger 00:03:18 Poland English   Filip Hillesland    
Migrant 00:20:00 United States English Social justice, immigration, migration, Africa, Italy, intolerance, human rights, Europe, discrimination Lawrence Ferrara Lawrence Ferrara Lawrence Ferrara
WITH YOU 00:15:10 United States Chinese, English   Chenyi Wang Chenyi Wang  Shincy Lu
What to Take - Under 30 00:28:23 Canada English   Chris Atkinson Paul Runalls, Chris Atkinson Chris Atkinson
The Tyranny of Distance 00:09:16 United States English        
Born This Way: Awa's Story 00:39:45 New Zealand English   Mitchell Hawkes   Arwen O'Connor Skelly
Details (d) 00:21:25 Ukraine Russian   Khachatur Vasilian Khachatur Vasilian Khachatur Vasilian, Vasiliy Dmitriyev, Bogdan Kalchenko
Time of the Blue 00:05:00 United States English Drama, LGBTQ, Experimental, Silent Urvashi Pathania Urvashi Pathania Feyza Safoglu
Night 00:06:10 United States English drama Christian Scales Christian Scales Keaton Brower, Christian Scales
Drawing Home 01:53:00 United States English   Markus Rupprecht Donna Logan, Markus Rupprecht Margarethe Baillou, Allan Neuwirth