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Published: Wednesday, 04 November 2015 05:27
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The Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne is interested not just in films with potential commercial success but films of artistic merit and scope. The goal is to build a festival that will be on par with Sundance, Cannes, and other major festivals but geared to the truly independent filmmaker, actor, and script writer. Giving them opportunities and opening doors that would not otherwise be open to them.

Digital submission only through FilmFreeway. Selected Films will be notified and given sufficient time to have film made into the required format for screening.

Those "selected" for their films will receive our logo to post on their sites as a selected film at the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne.

The Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne is seeking outstanding filmmakers of all ages. Innovative, creative, unique in their vision. All genre are accepted.

** No competition New Film Makers for film makers who are new in film industry.

Awards & Prizes

All entries receive Official Selection PFFM (Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne) and Certificates of Participation.

All winners will receive PFFM (Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne) certificates.

Our jury will select the winners of each category:

Best Australian Movie 
Best Best Human Rights 
Best Script 
Best Best Trailer (one minute to two and half minutes) 
Best Music Video 
Best Science Fiction 
Best Horror 
Best Animation/Cartoon 
Best Short Film (5 minutes to 30 minutes) 
Best Documentary 
Best Student Film 
Best Feature (No-Budget under $25,000) 
Feature (Budget under $250,000) 
Feature (Budget over $250,000)

** Best of NO competition New Film Makers

The jury will also select the films that will be screened at PFFM casual events.

PFFM certificates of BEST of each category.

Certificates of OFFICIAL SELECTION will be awarded to films that while not winning a prize or screening, show exceptional potential in their film work.

Rules & Terms


Only completed films may be submitted. (No rough cuts).

Filmmaker must own all rights to their film and/or have secured rights.

Competition is open to Australia and International entries. International films must be in English or with English subtitle.

Films submitted must not have any distribution deal.


Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne accepts digital copy, If film makers wanted to send us material please check below for more rules.


The Filmmaker understands and accepts that they do not participate in receiving any funds from the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne proceeds which are fully retained by the festival to help cover the cost of the festival presentation and The association to produce movies. It should be noted for the record that Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne proceeds never cover the cost of presentation of the Features and Short Film Programs.


Required Legal Stuff: The filmmaker releases the festival (Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne) from any and all liability for damages or destruction of the entered DVD/BluRay/Jump Drive/DCP. The Filmmaker understands that the entered DVD or BluRay will be retained in a secure facility by the festival, and every effort will be taken to protect and control the viewing of this production. The festival assumes no liability whatsoever for theft, copyright violations or piracy of the entry.


The Filmmaker accepts and understands that the festival, in conjunction with Mernda Jindi Centre will do everything possible to present the video in the best possible manner but the festival (Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne) is not responsible for any and all malfunctions during the presentation of the production at its festival screening. We use BluRay/DVD playback systems, all formats, all regions, including Region 0. All entries are carefully pre-screened prior to the public showing to assure that the BluRay/DVD does perform to industry Standards. The Festival (Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne) assumes no responsibility for any technical difficulties in the presentation of this video at the actual event.


The Film Festival (Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne) reserves the complete right to make changes in the program dates and times and to possibly not screen the video, despite its being selected for screening.


The filmmaker will endeavor to present to The Festival (Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne) a new and pre-checked BluRay/ DVD / Thumb Drive for the actual presentation of the video at the festival.


You may send just one DVD/BluRay for multiple category entries. You may combine multiple TV commercial entries on a DVD, with no color bars, no automatic looping feature to begin again and a 5 second break between spots. Make sure their titles and order/sequence are correct on the DVD. Screenplays must be properly bound in some way, and can be optioned but not currently produced, and there is no limit to the number of screenplays that can be entered. DVD Entries can be NTSC, PAL, or SECAM, – any and all regions. There is no extra charge for PAL or other formats. We accept all regions and all formats. We also accept Thumb Drive and Blu-Ray discs, any region.


A short paragraph, 50-100 word synopsis, is required for all scripts and all entries (except TV commercials, music videos), which is for the jury and if selected, for the program book. Shorts and features are to provide (when selected into program) a color or B/W production digital still photo (resolution of 300 Dots per square inch DPI or higher, higher is much better) for the program book jpeg photo files are OK. (Photos not required for video, cable, TV commercials, website entries, or screenplay entries). If accepted, feature entries should also send several production still photos of a high resolution (300 DPI or better), a press kit, and short CV (resume) with photo of the director(s).


Special note for script entries: A Synopsis needs to accompany the script. You may ID the script with title, your name & contact details, and your WorldFest entry ID. Scripts must be bound in some way! We do prefer scripts to be printed in Courier 12pt – 14pt if at all possible. We will not accept loose pages in a box. Unproduced scripts only, please, and no digital files. Our judges like to hold the script in their hands and feel the paper!



In Consideration::  Movie under process.

Incomplete::   Movie under process require information, documents or original movie.

Disqualified::  Unfortunately, we are not able to include it in our program this year.


Dates & Deadlines