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International Film Night

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Published: Thursday, 07 July 2016 04:24
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Phoenix film festival casual events, International Film Night:
Phoenix Film Festival, this event will showcase films from all over the world and support local film makers.

What to Bring: You may like to bring blankets and pillows for comfort and food to share.

Date: Sunday 24 July 2016

Time: 2pm —7 pm

Jindi Family and Community Centre
48 Breadalbane Ave, Mernda VIC 3754, Australia

Films will be in language with English subtitles and will include the following titles:

Voice of Silence (Iran)

Mir-Hashem is a young cleric whose wife has left him because of his angry creditors and his fertility problems. One of the creditors persuades Mir-Hashem to go for propagation and get the money from people.


Missed Call (United States)

Kirsten is a successful woman, madly in love with her boyfriend Luke back home in Chicago. In Los Angeles for a brief meeting to discuss selling her cupcake business, she really needs Luke's support. Only he's not answering his phone... continually. Why doesn't he pick up? What isn't Kirsten facing?



Oblivion Season (Iran)

Fariba starts a new life by marrying her loved one but leaving the shadow of her dark past is not as easy as it seemed before. Now she is the prisoner of her loved one and to earn her freedom she should fight with the masculine society...
Director View :
In Iran's today society making a film about prostitutes is a real challenge cause the society and government deny their very existence. Now it's much more difficult that your protagonist be an ex-prostitute.
I tried to show a woman behind bars and fences all over today's Tehran, whom is trying to overcome all the intolerance and traditional and religious dogmatism in her society, to live and stay alive. A society which doesn't wish to let her forget the past.

  • Abbas Rafei
    Freeway,Butterfly in the wind
  • Ali Asghari
  • Abbas Rafei
  • Sareh Bayat
    Key Cast
  • Amin Zendegani
    Key Cast
  • Alireza Barazandeh
    Director of photography
  • Peyman Yazdanian