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International Film Night- 21 Aug 2016

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Published: Tuesday, 09 August 2016 05:52
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Phoenix film festival casual events, International Film Night:
Phoenix Film Festival, this event will showcase films from all over the world and support local film makers.

What to Bring: You may like to bring blankets and pillows for comfort and food to share.

Date: Sunday 21 AUG 2016

Time: 2pm —7 pm

Jindi Family and Community Centre
48 Breadalbane Ave, Mernda VIC 3754, Australia

Films will be in language with English subtitles and will include the following titles:


a Time in a Life

In a small town on the shores of North Lebanon, a young fisherman falls for a visitor and finds peace amid the surrounding chaos.

A film By: George Barbari

Einstein's God Model

"Einstein's God Model" is an independent feature film that explores the connection between quantum physics, string theory, and life after death.



BODY&SOUND #2 (acoustic guitar)

Sergio Arturo Calonego plays acoustic guitar in this short by Alberto Nacci on the relationship between musician and his musical instrument.
Audio recording by Dario Ravelli / Suonovio Recording Studio.
Written, directed and produced by Alberto Nacci/ajpstudios

Winner at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2016 (Best Music Video)
Winner (Award of Exellence) at INDIEFest Film Awards 2016
Winner at BellinghamMusic Film Fest 2016 (Best Music Video)
Winner at Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2016 (Best Music Video)

- FILM MIAMI FEST (Miami, USA 2016)
- ALBUQUERQUE Fil&Music Festival (USA, 2016)
- BOOMTOWN Music Film Fest (UK, 2016)
- CIMMfest Chicago (USA, 2016)
- ROMA Cinemadoc (Italy, 2016)
- UPIKE Film&Media Art Festival (USA, 2016)
- LOS ANGELES Independent Film Award (USA, 2016)
- TOFF Film Festival (USA, 2016)

Selected in the following videoart exibitions:
- Venice Experimental Video and Performanca Art Festival (Italy, 2016)
- It's Liquid Experimental Cinema and Video Art Festival The Underground Cinema, Kent (UK, 2016)


  • Alberto Nacci
  • Alberto Nacci
  • Alberto Nacci
  • Sergio Arturo Calonego
    Key Cast
    acoustic guitar player
  • Dario Ravelli /Suonovivo Recording Studio
    Audio recording
  • Robin Whalley
    Assistant director

Shishani - Calling you

Shishani is searching for her loved one in a desolated mythical dessert area, in a town taken over by sand in the Namibian Dessert.

It is a low-budget music video shot in Namibia. The goal of the film is to implement modern contemporary photography into a music video. The video is shot without movement - only still shots. This is a research to deconstruct a music video and to build it with different rules; no camera movement.
Mainstream african music videos are in contrast to this video, here movement and coolness are a the most important element.